The beginning

English: X-ray of U.S. girl, age 16 years 8 mo...

English: X-ray of U.S. girl, age 16 years 8 months, with pre-operative scoliosis. Front, standing, clothed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I feel like I owe it to  my future followers to tell them a lil’ something about me. (it helps to bring us closer)

I am a 21 yr old girl, born and raised in Africa, Kenya.

My childhood was not great, family drama coupled with diseases made my life a living hell.

I hated my life, the stress of it all gave me a bad case of stomach ulcers, I was so sick I had to undergo surgery. After, I kept losing and gaining weight, my  parents kept fighting, my sisters and I never got along, I was the black sheep, the unwanted child and no one reassured me otherwise.

School was an escape, I had very few friends, but I loved them and they kept me sane I never wanted to go home.

High school was something, the 2nd year (form two) we ran away from home (“we” meaning Mum, my sister and I) we lived in a one room house, It was so tiny I swear I think I could touch all four comers of the house if I could stand in the middle and stretch my hands. It was horrible but peaceful, we stayed there for a couple of months and moved again to a bigger house ( where we live now)

My dad  this time was in rehab and we were finally free and happy.

Last year of high school, I got sick again, the doctors really didn’t know what it was so I was sent to the psychiatrist, I guess they though I was crazy,I was given drugs that made me even more crazy, I lost my sense of being, (I don’t mean to sound dramatic) but I din’t know who I was anymore.

I thought if I died I would be at peace

Toward the end of my last year in high school I had asthma, panic attacks, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, my parents then sent me to The States to stay with my sister and aunties. I hated it (my sister and I din’t get along) I came back home ( Asthma free, yeeeiii)

University: the first day I HATED it, regretting why I came back, until I met the man who would end up to be the love of my life.

(I got a nose job- something I like bragging about) nway….

My life suddenly had meaning again, I had amazing friends, I was extremely happy, I was doing & studying what I love.

Then came scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) which brought along it’s own demons,( I swear I think I’ve taken all drugs in this country because of this *sigh!) the nerves on my back started getting damaged, and the pain I was feeling was so intense, everything I used to do and enjoy I couldn’t do anymore.

My life changed completely, I felt like a vegetable, and misery came knocking at my door again. But because of my lovely “hubby” , wonderful doctors and the fact that I had actually grown up I was able to not think about it so much and saw this as an opportunity to help people.

…..People ask me for advise all the time and ask me how I live with all this pain, and because of sharing my story with them I have gotten healed and all the pain, hurt and anger that I had from my past is now gone.

I live with horrible back pain, which is paralyzing at times, but I’m good.

I want to share with other people (You) how I got to this point, and more things about my life

Hopefully I’ll be able to help someone or someone help me, so here goes…..


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