Because of  back pain, many nights I end up going without sleep, this leaves me very grumpy and moody in the morning which are as a result of sleep deprivation (If you want to read more on effects of sleep deprivation please visit that link) ….

So I came up with ways in  which I can get some shut-eye without taking sleeping pills….(these may or may not work for you-but it’s worth a try)

  • Pray This is something my mom taught me. Just like meditation, prayer can calm you down and induce a state of quietness and peace (key elements needed to fall asleep)

How to: Recite your fav small prayer to keep you calm and relaxed; For those who meditate keep reciting thing that’ll keep you relaxed, for example “I am calm” “I am at peace” breath deeply through this, count to 3 with every inhalation and exhalation

images (5)

  • Change the lighting. Most people find it easier to sleep in total darkness. If that’s not possible for you, change it to fit what you want (it’s not childish to sleep with a night-light)
  • Wipe out your worries- sleep stressstress, work, e.t.c will definitely cause you to miss out on sleep.

Write out anything that is bothering you in a journal or on a piece of paper, let those feelings out and then let go of them for the night. If you aren’t the writing type,  try any stress-busting technique that you’re comfy with.

Also try taking a warm shower, (yoga stretches help me relax)

  • Adjust your position – Get in the right sleeping position, use pillows to support your neck and back.
  • Make up stories in your head –  This sound really crazy, but it’ll open up the creative side of the brain needed for sleep.(you can be your fav pop-star in the night)  You could also try telling stories to your kids.

I hope you find my tips helpful, Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, think of the nice moments in your life, wipe out your worries and goodnight…


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