Where is Zack???

Remember Zachari Kimotho, also know as the Wheelchair Hero, ….You don’t , Ok let me put it this way “Bring Zack Back Home” Do you remember him now???zach

Zachari Kimotho came to media lime light back in 2012  after embarking on a  2,485-mile journey to South Africa on a manual wheelchair to seek treatment for  spinal injuries he got after being shot by carjackers nine years ago. He began the journey in June with the aim of raising KSh 250 million (US$2.9 million)   to build a spinal injury treatment unit in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

The campaign “Bring Zack Back Home”, organised by the Kenyan Paraplegic Organisation (KPO) in conjunction with Zack was to raise awareness of the suffering of spinal injury patients in Kenya. They appealed for the public to help urging Kenyans to each contribute a Kenyan shilling  in the hope that enough money would be raised to build the unit.

According to ( n.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bring_Zack_Back_Home ) Kenyans raised Ksh 73 million which was used to buy land in Kiserian.

From what I know now,  that figure has not been updated since last year  , the official face book page has not been updated since last year August, you can have a look for yourself https://www.facebook.com/BringZackBackHome, and I haven’t read or seen anything to do with Zack coming back home.

So where is Zack, did he make it? Is he well? Are they still building in Kiserian? What happened???

The public has largely been kept in the dark on this matter, and I strongly feel as someone with spinal cord problems myself, and the fact that I took time to send money to this campaign, I need to know what happened to Zack!!




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