Sex Tips and Tricks



Friday is finally here, time for me to get frisky with my man…. Before he get’s home, I know a lot of girls and guys will be doing the deed tonight,and a lot of my girl friends ask me how to get a man turned on, so here are a few tips , some I use on my man and others I’ve heard from other guys:

Tip 1: 

There are guys who  love when a woman licks that soft patch of skin in front of his ears (I know mine does)

Tip 2: 

Girls, when he is kissing you, hold the back of his head gently in your hand.

Tip 3:

Wet your lips and moan, shows you cant wait to taste him

Tip 4:

Keep your panties on : Play with each other over your underwear, by doing this you are building up the anticipation and the desire.

Tip 5:

Align your pubic bones:  Have your partner move his body so that his pubic bone rests on top of yours., the base of his penis will be pressing on your clitoris. This position will provide continuous stimulation as he goes in and out increasing your chances of having an orgasm.

The above are few tips that work for me, of course there are more that I haven’t mentioned.

Please comment on the sex tips and tricks that work for you and your partner…. 🙂 ( I would really like to know)


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