Confessions of a Good Wife


I met a man online today (just to be clear I wasn’t on a dating site or anything, I was looking through my emails) I got a message on my face book,  this guy told me he’d been looking through my pictures (at that moment I thought “STALKER” alert) he started complimenting me and telling me how beautiful I am,  and he would love to take me out on a date.

At this point I was thinking my face book pictures also contain pics ’of my husband and I, did he see them, or did he choose to ignore them, I didn’t know and I didn’t ask.

Either way, I agreed to go out with him (I know what you’re thinking) see my husband and I had been fighting, and we weren’t talking, I was lonely ( I know this is not a good reason) but I needed to hear someone say the words that I desperately longed to hear.

The following day we met up, he was definitely not the type of guy I would allow myself to be seen in public with (not my type). I was very embarrassed, but every time he told me “I’m beautiful”, I didn’t care,(do I have low self-esteem??) it’s like I was in a trance and he had power over me with just words. He suggested we go to his place, (don’t judge me) I agreed. I just couldn’t bear to be seen with him. ( I think it’s because I felt like my husband was watching me)

We got to his house, he offered me a drink, and one thing led to another, the next thing I know  he was taking my bra and panties off, I didn’t, couldn’t stop him. I shuddered as his tongue ravaged me in a frenzy of lust, tasting and nibbling me in wetness, I wasn’t thinking of my husband. This man knew his way around my body and he’d just met me, something my husband never knew in our three years of marriage, he fucked me like I was ice cream dripping  from a spoon, in slow licks, I didn’t care who was in the room. My new boy toy had brought me to heights that I had never been before. The look in his eyes after we were done said he wanted to see me again, and how could I deny after what just happened….

I got home right before my husband, time to switch from naughty whore to good wife.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Good Wife

    • not exactly, some women do it because they want attention, “affection” from a man, their husbands usually don’t really care, so they go out in search of that thing that their husbands do not give them, e.g sex, love, money, attention, affection e.t.c

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