My life: Medication,Doctors, Hospitals

I barely slept a wink last night, The pain in my back is definitely increasing and I feel like I am at risk of  losing my mind.

Asking God to take the pain has become the only prayer request I have.

As you may or may not know I have/suffer from scoliosis, and extreme lower back pain ( I talked about this on my first post ) Recently I did an MRI because my legs started getting numb and my doctors were worried about it, the MRI showed that I have “Tarlov Cysts” in my S2  region which is basically my lower back ( please read more bout that these cysts could be the cause on the extreme back pain and loss of sensation on my legs.

My doctors (in Kenya)  want to remove the cyst but before they do that,  they want to give me an epidural/spinal block which will numb the nerves around the cyst. This will a temporary but relatively quick fix to the pain I am in as “they build a case” for the cyst.

I am very hesitant of this route that my doctors are taking because, as I said the epidural is a temporary fix and how long the medication will last they don’t know ( maximum I have heard is 3 months) this means in 3 months the pain will be back and then I can go for  the surgery …. You see, I come from a relatively average earning family, this procedure is already a lot of money,  plus the  doctors consultation fees, the procedure is very risky  and not forgetting when the pain comes back, I will have to stop working again.

I  talked to a doctor friend in America and he said that he would just remove the cyst once and for all, but when I talked to my doctors here about it they did not want to do it that way “they are the professionals” as they say.

Times like this I regret why I came back to Kenya.

Today I am going to see a Anesthesiologists ( pain specialist) who is going to tell me when to come in for the epidural, I am scared but I guess I have to trust my doctors, they are all I have got. ( I’ll tell you what the anesthesiologist says later today)

I just felt like I should update you on how I am doing, plus just vent a little bit……. Sometimes I wonder if I am being punished for something I did

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