Vaginas, Orgasms, and G spot

Did you know your vagina can shrink???

I just read an article that states “…Research carried out on the post-menopause women shows  that a vagina that is not used can form fragile tissue and even cause shrinkage …”well thank God I am nowhere near menopause 🙂


Use it:

For the post-menopausal women once the fragile tissue develops and shrinkage occurs, sex becomes very painful and it therefore makes sense to use it to avoid unnecessary pain.



Healthy Vagina

It’s your right to enjoy sex, but how can you if your vagina is not in tip-top shape?

How does your vag’ smell?

Smell can be the number one sign that something is not right with your “hoo-ha”. Thing is the smell of your vagina can vary depending on your diet, exercise routine , daily activities or even infections down there,  to read more on vaginal odor please visit


For a normal vaginal smell, you have to take special care,

  • Hygiene is very important!!
  • Drink plenty of water daily
  • Avoid tight pants and undies. When you go to sleep it’s advisable to sleep without any panties
  • Avoid using harsh soaps to clean , they could cause imbalance in pH (Clean with just plain water)
  • Get rid of excessive pubic hair as it could habor bacteria and fungi
  • Also I drink yoghurt (Pro-biotic yoghurt-low fat) to boost my vaginal health, it also helps in preventing UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections)

If you happen to be worried about the smell your vag’ is giving out, please do not hesitate to see a doctor

During sex:

Do I even need to say this , Strap UP, protect yourself and your partner. Avoid STD’s, un-wanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS





Some women have no problem getting wet (Lucky you) For those who do not fall in this category there’s K-Y jelly for you, it’s 100% normal to lubricate yourself. Go get your jelly on 🙂



        >Find the G-spot

The position of the G-spot varies in each woman

You can try finding it with your fingers then direct your man to it, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of finding it on your own. why don’t you ask your man to help you find it

         >The queef

This is the embarrassing, farty sound your vagina makes when air/gas  is pushed in during sex and it rushes out.

As much as it is embarrassing it is normal and you don’t need to make excuses for your vag’


P:S —-> If there’s anything else you need to know about your vagina please go ask your gynaecologist, 

If you need more information about sex, please see a sex therapist.

These two people are in a better professional position to help you learn more about your female organs and to answer any questions you have.

The above is just a simple summary of things I have heard, read, and experienced




3 thoughts on “Vaginas, Orgasms, and G spot

  1. I love your informational posts, like this one! One part that jumped out at me is “the queef”. Made me lol It’s so true, regardless of which hole is being taken, it will happen. My Captain loves to claim that because he knows that’s his que how hard he is working. In fact, he usually says right away, in his deep sexy voice, “it’s okay, that’s all me” 😉 It’s inevitable and I never worry about when the girls “shout out” now that I know it’s sexy to him.

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