Confessions of a good wife (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Confessions of a good wife 1.…. Please read  to follow the story….

My husband and I were never like this, we were so in love, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, he had me gone, whatever he said I would do, wherever he went I would follow. I don’t know what happened

Maybe I just couldn’t follow him no more, or the love just went away.

He didn’t notice that I had just come in, If he knew what his “lovely” wife had just come from doing, (Oh Lord, I don’t even want to think about what he would do)

I prepared a bath for him and while he went in to shower, I went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for him, he still loved eating meals I made ( I am a really great cook- I don’t mean to brag) all the while I was in the kitchen all I could think about was the  sweet sex me and my boy-toy had just partaken in….Ohh the man knew how to sex me up, he made me feel HEAT in places I had never felt heat before, he took his time touching me in all the right places, making me feel like I was his alone, damn the mere thought of his nice long,  thick ,throbbing dick makes me horny…..

Ok,  the food is ready and my hubby needs to eat so that he can go back and stare at his laptop till late (does this man ever tire from working) I serve him and we eat in silence as per usual,… I gave up trying to make conversation with him, (I think he finds me boring)

After dinner he takes his plate to the washer and proceeds to his office to continue with work, I sit in the living room with my plate watching movies, (my husband and I used to watch movies all the time while we ate but that faded away too), I tried to come up with reasons why we lost our connection, our love but I couldn’t really settle on a specific reason. All I knew and felt was that the love was gone and I was going crazy.

Is it wrong for me to have a boy toy I wondered, he makes me feel so good and brings out my naughty side, I loved how the feasted and dined upon me, How could I deny him any part of me?

I looked at my phone found his number and sent him a text message setting our next meeting,he knew I couldn’t get enough of him and somehow he couldn’t get enough of me and my sweet stuff

He will soon have his way with me ….. (til next time)

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