In search of a friend

This week has been too hard, too long for me and I have a lot of shit to say, I need to vent before I go round hitting people

First, I wanna say this article is not directed to anyone in particular, it is not meant to offend anyone, I just have a few things I have to get of my mind……


For some reason I attract a lot of these, I don’t know why someone tell me if I have a sign on my forehead saying ‘Fake friends, Sign up here”

I mean c’mon give me a break!

So this week I was in hospital really sick, it was pretty tough for me and I felt like I needed some sort of support system to help me cope with what I was going through…. I do not like it when people come to visit me in hospital so my family (mum, dad, auntie, and sister) were the only ones allowed to come into my room

Anyway that’s not the point of the story:

I have heard a couple of people tell me “If you need me , call me I will be there” so I tried to test it out this time, because I really did need them when I was sick…. the people I texted did not reply and the ones I called ummmm did not pick,

So my question is “Is there something wrong with me or is it that people do not really mean it when they say they’ll be there??”

(If someone is going through this please comment and answer)

I mean for me it’s not like I need friends to “keep me a float and help me feel better”, I am good on my own, plus I have my lovely family and awesome boyfriend, So I really don’t need extras but do not come to me pretending to be my friend, I open my world, feelings and heart to you, I am there for you when you need me , when you want something I give it to you and then when I NEED something from YOU, you are nowhere to be found!

Maybe you think I am being mean but I have heard friends who have

  • Hit on my boyfriend—I think you can call it that:( How dare you tell MY man that you’re horny??? Go find your own and tell him that)
  • who’ve gossiped about me behind my back :If I did anything to me, grow some balls and come tell it to me to my face
  • Stolen from me —- when you come to my house please leave my designer bags, lip gloss, shoes, everything where you found it, I bought them for me , not for us.
  • Who’ve down right ignored me when I need them the most.

Trust  me, I get it you have your own life to live and your busy doing your own things, so I get it ( for real) I am not asking you to be there the whole day, all I ask is that if you are my friend at least pick up your phone or text me back, if you’re upset at me come tell it to me,  if there’s anything you need talk to me!

Today someone told me “You’ll meet a lot of people in your life, Some will stay and others will go. The ones that stay with you through everything – they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them.” 

If you do not intend to be in my life forever, then do not approach me, I am sick and tired of fake people coming into my life, pretending to be my friends and in the end hurting my feelings.

As my boyfriend says “It’s time for me to detoxify/ Clean up my life”

I need real people in my life!!!

As for me if you feel like i am not a friend to you please tell me 🙂

I love you all who have seen me through tough times Thank you. Thank you to all of them friends who have shared special memories  and looking forward to the future.

To the rest of y’all, here is a message to you. I am tired of bull crap, and people messing with me, this is nothing personal for anyone who I will reject now in the future, It’s not that I don’t want to be your friend, because I really do. Let’s just be acquaintances for now, maybe it will develop into something stronger in future,

At this point I have  an old fashioned concept on what makes a friend!

It’s bout time I started taking care of me 


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