Awakened Lust



his movement against me
rocks me within the array of his

that wet entangled embrace
delicate; deep within our elation,
unraveling my entirety as I bend
in the arch of his chivalry

assuaging me…

In the breath of his passionate
lips; tasting, leaving scorching
trails against hardened nipples

I blushed…

and he licked each bud, tongue
tipped flutters, heated breath,
poised beneath bulge; awaiting
slow quick dips coaxing, labials
welcome lips open

appeasing me in rages of his
passion, aching for release;
urging his yearn with each dip

wet of want screams in euphoria,
piercing, entwining as I lay before
him spent naked exposed to
pleasures unknown

awakening our lust, rocking me
within loves breathless embrace

by Goddess of Sensuality


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