My life: Medication,Doctors,Hospital (2)

“I peed myself” and I am only 21…( I should be embarrassed I know, but I think it’s too funny)

I got the epidural or nerve block as I said in the last blog, please read:

It wasn’t that bad, of course I was scared, but the doctors were very reassuring plus the Valium (medication) they gave me calmed me down.

After the block was done, I was numb from my waist down which is normal, (anyone who has ever gotten an epidural or block done understands). I got my feeling back a couple of hours later, I was now able to move around but my legs were still weak. Fast forward to the next day, I was to start pain management adapt sessions, where the pain specialists work with you, exercise and train your muscles to be strong enough to support you especially when the nerve block drug wears off.

So now, I go to the hospital daily for pain management adapt sessions (or simply exercise). I am on my second week, (I am to go for a month) at least there is some improvement, my pain is not as much and I can feel my legs, my right leg is a bit heavy but I can handle it. I am much better than I was before, which is awesome 🙂

Now, let’s go back to the peeing… it was on Sunday afternoon,  I felt a trickle going down my thighs, I rushed to the bathroom and pee was flowing out without me feeling it, and to make matters worse I ended up pooping blood (I’m sorry if this is disgusting) :-/  Now I got this horrible stomach ache and pain around my ribs, it’s like someone kicked me ( I’m praying it’s not ulcers because that would mean I have to be on more medication or even have to get an endoscopy done. )

Today morning I was back in doctors’ office, he says the pee incident is normal because of the drugs I am on, but now I’m getting my feeling back, thank God!, the only thing worrying me is my stomach pain which is driving me insane and I haven’t figured out what to do yet…

So that’s bout it right now, if anyone wants more info, or has any  questions on how I am doing  or about pain management or anything at all (like advising me on what to do about my stomach)  inbox me on my facebook I always reply

Any way have a great day ( and I’m sorry if I grossed anyone out… people have been asking me for an update so I had to be honest)

❤ 😀

Did I say I am not allowed to have sex for at least two months… ( I don’t think I’ll make it)

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