How to make Porridge (uji)

So Today  I really wanted to make porridge (uji),  (one)  because I was really craving it, (two) because of the flu I have, I really haven’t had the stomach for anything else  (three) I figured it was easy because mum makes it in less than 10 minutes

So I walked into the kitchen, with all confidence, took the wimbi flour (for all my non_Kenyan followers it’s millet flour i think 🙂 )  the instructions are on the pack, they were relatively easy. so I started:20120703-brown-uji-2

I took my one cup of water and put it to a boil

then I started making the porridge mix while I waited for the water to boil. I took one cup of cold water, and started adding flour until it formed a thick paste.

then (as the instructions say) I started adding the thick paste into the boiling water, ….

(all of a sudden, craziness happens)

before I even put in a quarter of the mix, the water in the pan already starts to thicken,  and bubbling everywhere , sending drops of porridge all over my dress ( I am not the kind of person who cooks with an apron)

So I took the mwiko (I mean cooking stick – Please learn Kiswahili-translating sucks) and started stirring the mix , I quickly dawned on me that it looked like I was making brown ugali I guessed the water to flour ratio and didn’t get it right, had to add a lot of water (^_^)

So finally it started looking more “liquidy” but with lumps20120703-brown-uji-4

It couldn’t get any worse than this, I took the cooking pan (sufuria) out put it on the side and started working on the lumps, I stirred till I couldn’t feel my hand anymore. I put it back on to boil, maybe the lumps would disappear O_o

i took it out completely after  a few minutes of stirring, at this point, my craving for the damned thing had gone

I just looked at it, saw all the lumps and the mess it has made in my kitchen and nearly threw up.

… Now that I am done cleaning up, and changing from my dress, I have decided to go out and buy myself a hot-dog and coffee ( I’m craving hot dogs) :-)…Hot-Dog and also look for an apron

P.S: It’s time I learnt how to cook / I just move back in with mum.




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