Woman FORCED to give birth on the DIRTY hospital floor


I just came across this video on the internet and lemme just say it has got to be the worse video I have ever seen.

What the hell is wrong with this nurses??? How cruel have human beings become, I just don’t understand why anyone in their right minds would do this…

First and foremost, this video was taken by a fellow pregnant woman who had gone to the hospital to deliver her child, and from the little I know about child birth as painful as it is, it should be one of the best moments in your life , I mean you are bringing new life into the world

This woman gave birth on the hospital floor, then as the nurses come in instead of taking care of the baby and the woman, they start hurling insults at her, C’mon what happened to humanity, I do not care if the nurses lives are horrible, or they are overworked and underpaid or their’s a surge in pregnant women and deliveries in the hospital, it’s NOT that woman’s fault!!!!, she went there to deliver her child in a hospital environment where she expected the nurses to care for her and the baby.

Yeah even if the nurses weren’t there, when they came in and found her giving birth, why didn’t they just help the woman (it’s not like she could hold the baby in)

This video totally upset me, This woman will live with this memory forever, I know how my dad brags about the day my sister and I were born and he tells us the story every chance he gets… I can’t even imagine what this woman will tell her child when he/she asks how he was born…

It’s just not right what this nurses did and someone should pay!!! What this woman and her child went through is purely inhuman

I remember the president MR. UHURU KENYATTA promising women free maternity services in all public health facilities, I mean if this is what free maternity service gets me, then I’d rather just give birth at home!!!

Btw it’s BUNGOMA DISTRICT HOSPITAL ( for those who wanted to know)

A very upset Cookie 😦

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