I say MY because I am Kenyan

For all my followers:, in Nairobi, Kenya,  First Lady Margaret Kenyatta  launched an anti-poaching campaign dubbed “Hands off our Elephants” whose main objective is to educate Kenyans and the world on the need to conserve the elephant for posterity.

As Kenyans we boast of our elephants as well as other wild animals ( the big five) tourists come to our country to see them, And in case you didn’t know tourism is our major source of income, Through tourism the Government earns revenues totaling to Sh 120 billion annually!                                             big five

Due to poaching the country has been left with  approximately 30,000 elephants only,  as of July this year (2013) we have lost about 183 elephants, the statistics are alarming.… In the next few years we will be talking of elephants in the same breath we do Dinosaurs . Not to mention, the killing of elephants has  threatened over 300,000 jobs in the country with millions of other direct and indirect beneficiaries from tourism being affected, and we have a few of our KWS men (Kenya Wildlife Service) die as they attempt to fight away the poachers.

Poachindead elephantdead1

This is all just really sad to me, to imagine my grand-children will probably never see elephants, I just can’t accept it !!!

You know I’m just thinking once all our elephants die, Kenyans will be left in poverty (we will no longer be getting the 120 billion) and the rich people will be walking around with stupid pieces of jewelry you should be ashamed of yourselves, It doesn’t make sense to me, we have all this technology, there’s faux fur, fake snake skin, fake gold &diamonds, I’m sure these rich people can use their cash to make “faux ivory jewelry” (it can be done!!) ivory



From a very upset Cookie 😦

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