Be careful of the words you say…

I HATE negative comments

I read negative comments on you-tube, on twitter on face-book and some of them are really really bad

and yea, everyone has a right to an opinion and rights to speech but I don’t think anyone has a right to be mean…

just because you are behind your computer screen doesn’t give you a right to leave a negative comment on someone’s status update, tweet , and or youtube page

I think being behind your computer gives you confidence to say mean things because there’s no one there to judge you and tell you what you’re doing is wrong!! if you don’t like something simply say “I don’t like it” or don’t watch it or don’t leave any comment!!! You might even think your comment is funny and other sick people like you might think the mean comment is funny but there’s another person at the other side of the screen reading the comment and probably crying

If you wouldn’t like a negative or mean comment said to your mother, father, siblings, or loved ones then don’t say something mean to someone else’s mum,dad,siblings or loved one

Imagine if the words you say could appear on your skin… would definitely be careful of the words you say


4 thoughts on “Be careful of the words you say…

    • Someone told me that a while ago “think of the words you speak appearing on your skin” and that totally changed how I speak to people. Now I’m very mindful of the word I say

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