Turning adversity into creativity

Trauma can be immensely painful, often leaving deep emotional and psychological scars long after the stressful experience has passed. But can there be a silver lining? In recent years, psychologists have become increasingly interested in the positive life changes that … Continue reading

Happy hour

Everyday, every hour, every minute there is someone going through some sort of pain, it could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We see people around us everywhere and we do not always know what it is that they are going … Continue reading

Fashion trends and the African Culture

Of late I have been walking around town going about my business and checking out people’s styles  and fashion  and the one thing that I have noticed this past week is ladies and girls wearing extremely short, tight skirts and … Continue reading

Beautiful Body Image

So the other day I was out shopping with my family and every dress I tried on was needless to say Amazing on me, I have an amazing body (toot toot) the shop owner and other shoppers kept telling me … Continue reading