Love and relationships: Fighting with the Hubby!

I wish I could say being in a relationship is all roses, rainbows and walks in the park…

Today I has lunch with my cousin and I told her about this particular time me and my hubby were arguing and we didn’t talk for a month ( ok i’m exaggerating, one day I go without talking to him feels like a month to me), she was so shocked, she just couldn’t believe that we (me and the Hubbz) argued, he is my best friend and such a nice, fun guy to be around, and I am such a polite don’t care kind of person that sometimes I guess people don’t believe we argue or have problems.

In any relationship, friendship, marriage or whatever, arguing is normal, it is a stepping stone to working through problems.

Being in a relationship is a process, it takes two totally different people and becoming one, and that process is hard!!!

Arguing and differences (whatever you want to call it ) is normal in a relationship, and as much as it’s hard, it’s beautiful as well because it helps bring two people together or on the other hand it helps you realize that the other partner, friend or whatever is not right for you or compatible  and you can move on…..

it’s funny when I think of the things me and the Hubbz fight about we argue about so many little things (that now I think are stupid) and we’ve argued about big things. Most of the times when we argue about the little things it’s because there’s usually and underlying bigger issue going on…

Just think about it what was the last argument you were in……and now think about why were you really upset in that moment  (Just think about it)

Another thing I have realized being in a relationship, is that a lot of the times I am not looking at things from his perspective, you see you are two different people, and different people have different personalities, opinions, emotions and if you just take a step back and figure out  why the other person is mad or why do they think that they are right…. Most times you’ll see where they are coming fromlove and relationships: fighting with the hubby

It’s also OK to agree to disagree

I’m still learning that my Hubby is not the same person as me, we don’t think alike, the things I like he sometimes doesn’t like, he doesn’t sugar coat anything and I used to get offended by that. I’ve learnt through him that if and when I ask for honesty I need to be ready to accept the truth, (what the honesty is).

MY OPINION: When you’re in a relationship and you have unmet needs, a lot of small crazy arguments can arise from that!

Hey, babe if you’re reading this :Most of the time I argue with you is because I need a little bit more of the “I love you”and “you’re beautiful”

Challenge, : When you’re in a fight, disagreement, argument with your friend or loved one try to put your self in their shoes and think about what do they really need and talk about it ….

it’s hard but in the end it’s worth it 🙂 ❤


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