Sex talk: pain after sex

Are you allergic to sperm?

From my understanding of what sex, making love (whatever you wanna call it) It’s meant to be enjoyable, and fun and most of satisfying to both partners, and the after feeling should be great

But in some cases you’ll find that many women experience a burning sensation or pain in their vaginal region. Tender labia, unusual discharge and/or an itchy vagina may or may not accompany it . This side effect of sex leads many women to actually dread and avoid it at all costs. Consequently, women tend to be scared of speaking about this, God forbid that their men find out that sex with them hurts this ends up putting quite a strain on talk: pain after sex


In this article we will explore the causes of burning after sex and some helpful remedies to relieve this pain and facilitate a normal sex life.

Causes of a burning sensation after sex

The first thing that you will need to do is determine the underlying cause of the burning sensation. Below I have listed some causes, symptoms, and some advice for dealing with the burn.


I’m sure y’all know the definition of friction. during intercourse, if the lubrication (wetness) is not enough the continuous rhythm or thrust in and out causes friction between the penis and the vagina leading to irritation and swelling of the vagina and labia. This will of course cause pain or a burning sensationsex talk; pain after sex

A LOT of teasing and fore-play will take care of this, you’ll be wet/lubricated enough, and not to mention the teasing would have built up the urge to have sex in the best way

Bacterial vaginosis

This is a medical condition that occurs when there is an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina. Is your vagina burning or itchy after sex? Do you have vaginal discharge that is foul smelling and grey-white in color? Are your labia red, tender, or swollen? Does it hurt to urinate?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to  these questions then you could likely have bacterial vaginosis. This condition will require medical attention. The normal treatment plan involves taking oral or topical antibiotics for a specific duration.

Yeast infection

This is a condition frequently caused when new yeast is introduced to the vagina, when there is an increase in normal yeast compared to other normal bacteria, or when there is an injury to the vagina. Are you experiencing a burning or itchy sensation in your vagina? Do you have discharge that is quite thick, and white-grey? Are intercourse and urination painful? Are your labia swollen and tender?

If so, you may have a yeast infection. You’ll require medical treatment in the form of an antifungal medication that is applied to the vagina or an oral antifungal medication.


Which is  a sexually transmitted disease that is found most often in women between the ages of 16 and 35. Do you have discharge that is frothy and yellow-green or gray? Does your vagina itch or burn? Are your inner thighs itchy? Do you have a strong vaginal odor? Is intercourse extremely painful? Are your labia tender or red?

If so you may have trichomoniasis. Antibiotics will be prescribed to treat it.

Sperm allergy

Yes it does exist

Do you have sex without a condom? Does your vagina burn, itch, and appear quite red and tender? Does the discomfort manifest 10-15 minutes after sex? How long does it last?

Some women are actually allergic to semen and the discomfort after sex can last upto a couple of days.  The best and easiest solution is to start using condoms during sexual intercourse, in order to limit the amount of sperm that enters your vagina. Researchers have also started to desensitize women to sperm with daily allergy injections. sex talk: pain after sex

How to relieve your burning sensation after sex

There are a few effective options to help relieve your horrible burning sensation after sex. Below we have listed some:

Take a shower: After sex, hop into the shower or take a bath  include your partner if you wish to,  rinse your vagina with cool or warm water. If you think that the burning sensation is caused by a semen allergy, then you can take a deep warm bath and thoroughly wash your vagina. After you have cleaned your vagina, carefully pat the area dry with a soft, clean towel.

Cool down: After you have thoroughly cleaned the area, lie down on a comfortable surface and expose your vagina to the cool air. If the burning is quite severe, you could opt to put an ice pack on your vagina for a short period of time.

Soothing gel: With clean, dry fingers apply aloe-vera, a natural soothing product, to your vagina. Do not apply it to the internal areas of the vagina, only the external regions.


Vaginal burning doesn’t have to be a dreaded and expected outcome of sexual intercourse. It doesn’t have to ruin your sex life and make you avoid intimate relations with your partner. There are numerous treatment and relief options for you to experiment with, Please do not be embarrassed to ask your doctor bout this, or tell your partner to slow down, Remember you are supposed to enjoy sex too.

Try some of the above remedies and if you’re not sure bout them, please consult your physician 

Have a sexy day 😉

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