I Will Tell You Then

You looked at me

from the passenger seat

with so much love in your eyes
you started to speak
but my tears of sorrow
washed away your words

I knew you wanted to tell me then…

how much you loved me
and give your formal goodbye
until we meet again
in another space and time

but no words needed to be spoken
I just knew, I just knew…

remember when I called you up
and then couldn’t talk
the only sound between us
the fatal ticking of the clock

I wanted to tell you then…

how sorry I was for all I had done
how badly I wanted a do over
but the words didn’t come

I’ll never forget the night
that changed our lives forever
darkness descended
the well ran dry
no more tears
no more tears left to cry

I wanted to tell you then…

I know you are hurting
I’m hurting too
please don’t do this
we’ll make it through
but no words came
and I lost you
tell me where did you go
I lost you…

when I’m dead and gone
will these words be
all that are left of me
a written legacy
my final ministry

I will tell you then
I will tell you then…


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