Fashion trends and the African Culture

Of late I have been walking around town going about my business and checking out people’s styles  and fashion  and the one thing that I have noticed this past week is ladies and girls wearing extremely short, tight skirts and dresses which only cover up to just under their bums


call me old, grandma, crazy whatever…. but I find this extremely disgusting.

I am an advocate of fashion, I love dressing up, going with new trends, looking sexy and classy, but if this is the new trend then NO! count me out

The reason why I find this new trend absolutely crazy and appealing is because, I am African, I am Kenyan and I believe that in our African culture there is a way that women,ladies,girls should dress. In the African culture, we are taught to respect our elders and ourselves, we are also taught about decency, and part of all of these comes down to our dress code, I understand the influence we get from the Western culture, fashion and trying to be a developed country, I understand that we as girls are trying to look good and sexy to impress others, I understand all that, but how is it that we can forget about our own culture and about being comfortable and making others comfortable too, I am not saying that other girls are not maybe comfy walking around with micro-minis and I am also not saying that we should dress in buggy, old, ugly-looking clothes.

I don’t understand how a girl can sit down, when her skirt is just up to her ass,fashion trends and african culture images (1)

and the other thing is girls wearing leggings as jeans, so the whole bum hangs out and lemme tell you it’s not pretty (how do you even stand in front of your grand parents). The percentage of girls that I have seen wearing this  don’t even look good (the girls are pretty but the clothes are ugly) they wear heels that they can even walk in, skirts that they can’t even bend in to pick something fallen, and leggings so tight in place of jeans. and the worst part is we as Africans or women in general, have been blessed with major curves which means that we also have stretch marks, so when you see a girl wearing something tight and revealing you’d think she’d cover up those “flaws” but no, I saw disgusting cellulite & stretch marks and unshaven legs  and lemme tell you it’s not NOT sexy.

Girls, there is a way we can dress that will look absolutely sexy, comfortable and decent, whoever you want to impress you will impress! Leave the skanky-whore micro mini look at home for your husband or for Friday night out in the club.

Or at least if you wanna dress like that go to the gym, work on the cellulite, invest in some good stretch mark cream, panties that don’t show and please shave your legs!!!!


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