Happy hour

Everyday, every hour, every minute there is someone going through some sort of pain, it could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We see people around us everywhere and we do not always know what it is that they are going through

Today was a great day for me. last week I wasn’t really feeling good and it was late in the night, I was bored, so I started chatting up with an old friend of mine from school who I hadn’t talked to in a while, I told her everything that was going on in my life and how I was feeling and at that point she sent me a bible verse and other inspirational messages to encourage me and to not lose hope. There’s on thing that she said and I’ll never forget “There’s a reason why God chose me to go through what I am going through, it’s His plan or His way of working through me, and even as much as I think I can’t make it sometimes, God is always there with me…

From that time till today she’s been sending me amazing messages every morning about faith and God, and every time I read those messages something inside me changes, I become happy and content with myself and my situation and I carry that happiness through out the whole day and I end up having a great day just because of one simple text.

So today I would like to urge my readers to make someone else happy for a minute or an hour, It can be through our presence in their lives, inspirational texts, teaching  or guiding them, anything that you can do to help someone’s day go a little bit smoother, do it.

We do not know other people’s stories, we don’t know what they are going through but if you can put a smile on someones face for  just a second, that means you took away that persons pain in that second.

And on behalf of that person you made happy today … Thank you



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