Savory pumpkin recipes

The holiday’s are here yeeeiii (at least for me they are) and one thing I know the holidays mean for me is that IT’S TIME TO EAT!!!!

But one this I wanna try this year is to try and eat healthy, (try is the key word here)

So the one think that I have been really loving is this past month is pumpkin, maybe coz Halloween was here and we ate a lot of pumpkin I don’t know

A dish my mum made last week was pumpkin curry with chickpeas and it looked and tasted AMAZING!!

pumpkin curry with chickpeas

This is a dish that won’t take a lot of time making  for all the lazy cooks like me 🙂

It’s super healthy and filling and I guarantee you will enjoy it

Find the recipe HERE

And another thing that I really love and I do all the time is changing ingredients and putting something I like in the meal instead of what the recipe says, so you can try do that with this recipe and long as you know it’ll taste good

I hope it turns out great 🙂


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