Nairobi in pictures: Juliana Rotich shares her favorite spots in the Kenyan capital city

TED Blog

Juliana Rotich didn’t grow up in Nairobi, but the Kenyan capital has been her official full-time home since 2011. Now, she describes the city as “another node in my network.” It’s a suitable metaphor for a woman who’s immersed in the technology business, from her work at the nonprofit data and mapping collective, Ushahidi, to her development of the Internet-enabling device, BRCK. Here, she shares some of the places she loves about her current home town, including a good place to pick up chapati and a place to admire baby elephants. That’s right. Baby elephants.

Photographs by Joshua Wanyama, the co-founder and CEO of online marketing agency Pamoja Media, which is currently working on developing a mobile network for African farmers to maximize agricultural production. Born and raised in Nairobi, Wanyama is a 2009 TED Fellow, the curator of TEDxNairobi and an avid photographer. He runs the African micro…

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