My Life: Medication, Hospitals and Doctors.

On July 31st I posted something on My life in regards to hospital, medication e.t.c the main reason I did that was to vent and let out everything that was stressing me at that time.You could read the post here

Now I feel like I should update you guys on what has been going on, It will be easier for me to explain it here and to direct anyone who wants to know more about scoliosis, nerve blocks,and tarlov cysts here and to also help someone going through the same situation (even though I am not done yet, at least you’re not suffering alone) or it could be the other way round, I could get help from you.

So we begin, on Monday I was to be admitted in hospital for a nerve block which is simply the introduction of painkilling drugs in or near the nerves causing pain… I had done the procedure before and my doctors were confident that I will be 100% better but it “back fired”… Nerve blocks are meant to relieve pain for a couple of hours or months…. It’s a temporary fix

My back pain came back with vengeance, now I could feel intense pressure down to my legs, the doctors thought it was because of the  two Tarlov cysts in my S2 which is simply a sac of cerebrospinal-fluid in my sacrum. Monday I was going for the nerve block to numb the nerves around the area to get me some relief as the doctors drew out another plan of action.

In theater as the doctor prepd  she noticed my backs curvature had increased and now I had full blown scoliosis (not just the misalignment they had said), they couldn’t get space in between my disks, back to the drawing board now they don’t think it’s the cysts that are bugging but it’s the scoliosis which basically means abnormal curvature of the spineMy life:hospitals,medication doctors

In light of this new info, I had to stay in hospital for a couple more days, the procedure by the way was extremely painful, so in the ward I had to be pumped with morphine (and all that good stuff) of course I also had/have to do adapt sessions which is just physiotherapy to release the tension in my muscles….Later on during the week my doc came back and said I have to do another block (Paraspinal nerve block) that day in theater will forever be in my head, It was the most painful six injections of my life (my back is extremely sensitive to touch so even a little prick is too much for me)My life: Hospitals, medication, doctore

So I came out of theater, the doctors had of course told me that they will not guarantee the pain going away but they hope it will and it did… I don’t want to jinx it but the pain has really reduced ….but the pressure I think has increased, I feel like there’s something constricting the flow of blood down to my legs (and lemme just say it is UNCOMFORTABLE ) I can barely sleep

I am still taking pain killers and doing my stretches, yoga, adapt sessions in hopes that the pressure will go away, It’s only been a couple of days post-op we’ll see

Lemme go back to sleep 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Life: Medication, Hospitals and Doctors.

  1. Feel better soon 🙂 I understand the back thing, I had a spinal stenosis that was causing my left leg to go numb. Fortunately I saw a really good Neurosurgeon and had the surgery and was out of the hospital the next day, recovered fully in one week. Able to run again (a pet peeve of mine) I am unhappy if I can’t exercise. I know yours sounds a lot more serious, but I hope it’s better soon.

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