The art of Profiling!

This is for all those people like me are obsessed with the act of reading people trying to get deeper insight into people’s actions, behaviors and anything else that makes them human

Learning how to profile people has many advantages. While it is mostly used in criminal investigations, profiling has come quite in handy in everyday situations, for example in picking out a partner

To be able to profile you need to have a level of awareness and understand what you are looking for, MASTER the art of listening. Keep the conversation flowing by asking questions note the use of any slang, exaggerations, sarcasm, self-criticism, or gossip, as these characteristics can define the person you are profiling.


Every person has four layers attached to them

  • The skin: We, as people, show and reveal our personalities and traits towards others without even knowing it. It could be a simple conversation at the bus stop about the weather or other topics about lifestyle and the world around us.
  • Second layer: People whom we appreciate or get to know better, such as co-workers or classmates, rather than a random stranger, is now allowed to comprehend you better due to the comfort and trust between your relationship you have with them.
  • Third layer: Relationship bonds, such as best friends and marriages, create a “locked” sense of security between people. This layer is defined as presenting ourselves in ways where we connect on a personal basis, such as sharing secrets based on a trust factor, explaining fears and worries to another person, etc.
  • The core: Each person has a “core”, where the thoughts and secrets aren’t shared with anyone but oneself.

Eliminate projection barriers around you:

This goes back to the listening bit,  Listen to what exactly that person says or doesn’t say (do not interpret it in your head to mean something different that what is/has been said) Prepare to accept the truth that is handed instead of forcing oneself to believe something that is not.

Eliminate any prejudice:

Acknowledge that prejudice is basing opinions on ideas without knowledge or facts. Keep yourself in a neutral state of mind before consuming your mind into false statements. and this is something that so many people do!!

Pay attention to body language:

People say one thing but do another. By looking at a person’s body language, you’ll be able to detect if there is any discomfort or conflict in them. Detect eye movements, look at the path the eyes move when detecting lies

Impatient people tend to tap their feet or keep fidgeting with something, sighing, or looking at their watch/phone more than needed.

Watch their reactions/Observation of habits:

The statements and actions of people can help you better understand who they are: their emotional style, their self-esteem, their negative or positive directions, their goals, and if they’re able to adapt easily to their surroundings.

How they present themselves :

This largely involves their dress-code , do they dress sloppily  or are they neat. Say what you may but the way a person presents themselves in front of others tells a lot about that persons behavior and personality (that is what we see first!)

You may not be able to read everything—after all, this is not a mind-reading exercise—but you’ll certainly have some greater insights into the person you’re studying. The more often you practice profiling, the better you get at identifying types of people and personalities.

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