Quick facts and fixes to keep your body strong and healthy

Fast Fact: Don’t skip meals.When you’re starving, your brain views food as tastier and you are more likely to over-eat!

Stressed at work? Ditch the herbal and decaf tea, and have an old-fashioned cup of black tea that has been proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol faster than any other hot drinks do

Chesty Cough? Suck on liquorice.The extract used to make it contains a sweetener that eases chesty coughs

Feeling Down? For a quick “Pick-me-up” lick a tea-spoon of honey for 60 seconds. this will send a surge of the happiness hormone serotonin to your brain within minutes

Yeast Infection? If you often suffer from yeast infection go through your underwear drawer and throw all old undies, throw out any knickers that aren’t 100% cotton. Synthetic fibres are more likely to create the warm environment that encouraged yeast infections to flourish

Bloated Tummy? Exercise, try going  out for a walk, jog or run, do some yoga stretches or you could take a spinning class. A few simple stretches (In case you don’t feel like exercising) will also help to deflate the ballooned tummy

Have a great Healthy week 🙂


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