5 Tips on How you can Soothe a Sore throat

Hi everyone!

This past two weeks have been really difficult for my sister and I …in fact the whole family has been suffering from the flu. The whole house has been turned into a hospital, with everyone having thermometers on, sniffing,sneezing,coughing and different antibiotics, it’s been difficult to say the least. I try to stay away from germs or flu because of my existing medical condition I already have enough problems! but this time my mum gave me the flu. I got a really bad sore throat but I didn’t want to take medicine for it  so I tried alternative ways to make myself get better.

Take a look below and see if this tips will help you fight the cold this flu season

1. Gargle
Gargling can help reduce throat swelling and get rid of bacteria in the throat. Gargle with salt water or try one of the herbal mixes suggested on Organic Authority for even more pain fighting power—they use cayenne, sage, ginger, or turmeric. Do this throughout the day to feel better longer.

2. Humidify
Dry air can cause nasal congestion and sore throats, so a humidifier will help moisten the air. This can temporarily ease the pain as well as help banish cold viruses. Don’t have a humidifier? Spending a few minutes in a steamy bathroom can clear things up a bit, too.

3. Make your own honey and lemon tea

Honey can both soothe a sore throat and act as a cough suppressant. Lemon also has health benefits, read about them here . There’s no magic ratio for how much honey and lemon juice to add to your water, so add in small amounts until it tastes good and soothes. Simply mix honey, lemon juice, and warm water.

Note: Honey can be harmful to babies, so never give it to kids under age 1.

4. Eat comforting foods

Eating while your throat is sore can be so uncomfortable. It’s best to choose foods that comfort you, making it a little easier to get your fill. Try choosing your favorite soup—no matter what kind—because you’ll feel better with something warm while adding some of the hydration your body needs to fight a cold. If you don’t like soup, find what sounds good to you and go for that instead, but make sure to pair it with plenty of fluids.

5. Sleep it off
I know, we can’t all just take a nap when we’re feeling under the weather (I wish!) but if your sore throat is the result of a cold, getting adequate rest is a must. Not resting when your sick usually prologues the illness, so I try to get at least one solid day of rest in when I feel a cold coming on. A little forced relaxation can’t be THAT bad, can it?

I hope my tips will help you get through the season healthy and happy! Remember to also talk to your doctor about your cold if symptoms persist.


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