Black Girl Problems


OMG where do I even start??!!

Today I went to the salon to get my hair done in time for the holidays so that I can be able to go swimming and do all that fun stuff without worrying about messing up my hair, you see black people (girls) hair cannot go into the water and come back up looking all mermaidy— NO….. We have really kinky hair so when you go into the water and come back to let your hair dry trust me there is co comb that will pass through it’s a mess!!

So I went to get my hair braided and I haven’t done this in a while  it was SO painful and as I sit here typing this with my head throbbing like a have a bunch of tiny needles pricking my scalp (I wonder how I’ll sleep) I wonder why no one ever talks about this… You’ll hear a lot of women say “beauty is pain” and that’s probably why they never talk about it but still this is crazy!

black girls hair   medum-sized-box-braids

For those who have no hair and they don’t understand what I am talking about lemme explain, you see when we get our hair done, the braid has to be fixed to the hair, and it’s usually done a little bit tight so that it lasts longer, so when the hair is pulled you get pain which lasts for about 2-3 days but after the pain goes away the hair looks amazing!


Sometimes  I wonder if I should just cut my hair off  or not go to the salon at all, because I have very low pain tolerance especially on my head, but then I know I have to do it after all beauty is pain

This is one of those days where I wish I was born a guy *sigh*


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