10 things I learnt in 2013

2013 has taught me a lot of things and the below are some of the few major things that stood out to me through the year:

1) I learnt how to cook admitedly I am not a really good cook but I know my way around my kitchen

2) I learnt how to drive but still no one can sit in the car with me when I drive

3) I learnt how to do yoga and I’m still learning

4) I learnt more about painting and art work

5) not everyone you meet and who’s nice to you is out to be your friend

6)Sometimes the people who you consider best friends don’t really care bout you

7) when doctors say they’ll make you better …it’s not a guarantee 😦

8) Worry and Anxiety will not get me anywhere (Phillipians 4:6,7)

9) Everything happens for a reason

10) Jesus is the right direction


One thought on “10 things I learnt in 2013

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