Here’s to 2013!!

The last day of 2013 is finally here, am lemme say I am very excited that this year has finally come to an end

This year has to be one of the toughest years for me, from the beginning it’s just been one hurdle after another, I have lost people I considered my best friends, I was betrayed by them, almost broke up with the hubby, I was in and out of hospital, in theater three times… Not to mention the terror attacks in the country Westgate shooting,  grenades in buses, and the crazy accidents that have been on the rise . 2013 was really not a good year!

And as much as I know I have learnt so much through out the year and I’m stronger now It just sucks that I had to go through all that craziness

the fact that this year is over is a reason to celebrate!!

so Here’s to 2013 for all the crap you came with, for all the lessons you taught me, for all the good people who gave me happiness, all the bad people who gave me lessons, for all the memories, I Thank you and I am so happy I’m done with you!!

here's to 2013

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