when looking for a job has turned out to be a full-time job

when words cant express how u feel..u make a sound n today my sound goes like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàagggggghhhhhrr

why is looking for a job so darn hard!!!!

I just started this January looking for employment and lemme just say looking for a job has turned out to be a full-time job

I am so stressed out , all I keep thinking in my head is  I desperately need to start earning

and Surprisingly I am not alone in this category,(21-25 year old >or those who just came out of college or university) Most of my friends are still looking for work  and it doesn’t help when my boyfriend says he had to look for 7 months before he got employed

I am nervous as hell, I;m loosing my appetite, loosing my hair loosing everything all that’s holding me now is tape and glue and that little hope that somewhere out there someone reading this post is ir knows someone who knows someone who is looking for a psychologist to hire …I am right here waiting


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