Stalking Nightmare and Death threats

He was my friend on Facebook, we started chatting and he seemed to be a really interesting charming guy. He worked for a radio station and lived quite close (about 5-10 minutes) from my home depending on traffic. 

We grew pretty close chatting every day till I was comfortable enough to give him my number, then we started talking …aannd we agreed to meet up one day, we met up for lunch and he drove me back home. I guess I might have sent mixed signals to him that I might be interested in him coz after that the phone calls started several a day. He was always in an emergency situation and needed to see me , I had already made it clear to him that I was NOT single and I just couldn’t leave the house at 4 am to go see him.

He didn’t stop !!! He kept texting and calling and at this time I had already informed my hubby what was going on. 

One Saturday I was home alone and it was 3 am and I got a call from an unknown number only to find it was him and….He was outside my door and he needed to see me…. 

Thinking that he was bluffing I woke up (mind you it’s 3 am ) and went to peep through the peep-hole only to find a dark figure right there in front of me, Luckily he couldn’t see me and I was to go back to my bed after shutting all the doors and switching my phone off …I couldn’t sleep!

So the following morning I called him up and (as calmly as I could) told him I can’t be with him I am in a relationship and he bothering me , hoping he would understand and leave me alone

That night I got another blocked call at 6 am (Thank God I was awake) so now stalker guy (as I named him) was waiting outside my door so he can see who this man is that I am in a relationship with… and at this point he started threatening me that he will tell my hubby that I have been cheating, sleeping around with men and this will force him to leave me. So I went out to check if he’s really there ( I know it’s stupid to do this but I blame this on watching to many cop movies) and for sure he was there in his car. I rushed back in the house got dressed and left the house through the back door.

So now the day before yesterday he called me and was apologizing on the phone after the call I got this weird inbox on my Facebook from a person I am assuming is his friend  it went like this “Hey so what’s up with you and Brian he  seems to be really into you are you his girlfriend?”

Instantly I texted back and told this guy to leave me alone I am not his girlfriend, he’s a stalker that I want out of my life and I regret meeting him>

AFTER I got a thread of threatening texts and curses … stalker guy Brian wanted me dead, he said I’d regret meeting him, and He will make sure I pay 

So now I am back living with my mum….not sure of what my next move will be  but I have to say I am truly scared !!!


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