what to do when you’re lonely

Seriously, I HATE being alone and bored >Lonely (I should say) I hate it

I wonder how people who live alone do it, it’s so silent, I can hear the sound of my heart beating, me chewing… I hear everything and it’s driving me crazy. The only friends I have are on t.v 😦

So in my attempt to “not be lonely anymore” I looked up “what to do when you’re lonely” and it says that I should go out, socialize, find a hobby e.t.c but what it doesn’t say is  what do I do when I come back home and no one is there … I already went out, socialized and found a hobby, but now I am home and  I am lonely

I think I should get a pet, a cat maybe (I can make a good cat lady) Some one once told me “cat hair is lonely peoples glitter”…yeah I’m getting a cat! 

what to do when you're lonely


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