Together With You


We could have watched that sunset forever

holding hands and sharing cool mint kisses;

being together no matter what we endeavor.

Amethyst skies go ebon and the wind hisses

as beautiful gypsy moths flutter gingerly by

with cloves and fresh pine perfuming the air

while brilliant colours drained from the sky;

just treasuring our little relentless love affair.


A mellifluous rhythm is found in your heart

while I watched as your spiced brown eyes

gaze up at those diamante stars like fine art

as we, two very passionate lovers underlies

that obsidian cashmere sky, embracing one

another as I listened to your majestic voice.

You whisper to me, that my search is done:

An auburn brown haired man is my choice!


Mischief imbues that darling mind of yours

as quixotic emerald thoughts pervade mine.

Moonlit swims in the lake and sandy shores

accompanies with our sparkling white wine

that we sip gradually to savour like our love.

The smile you painted on my face is eternal

and intimate love I’m no longer deprived of

as saccharine memories now fill my journal.



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