13 signs that you’re a full blown coffee addict

1) One Cup Is NEVER Enough

Source: mctalko.tumblr.com

2) It’s The ONLY Reason You Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

Flickr: Jun Seita

3)A Bottomless Cup Of Coffee Renews Your Faith In Humanity

Source: hdgifs

4) You Would Rather Drink A Bad Cup Of Coffee Than NO COFFEE AT ALL

Flickr: Jessie Pearl

5) You Keep Instant Coffee Stocked

6) By 4pm, You’ve Lost Track Of How Many Cups Of Coffee You’ve Had


7) This Is How You Feel Every Second Of Every Day


8) You’ve Seriously Considered Brewing Your Coffee With Coffee

Flickr: jamesskivington
Water, what?

9) If You Don’t Have Coffee Before Noon You Get A Headache Of Epic Proportions

Even worse than how you feel after too many tequila shots.

10) You Have More Than One Way To Brew Coffee

Flickr: wickenden
You never know when you’ll need a backup.

11) You’ve Tried To Quit Coffee Before, And It Was The Worst 24 Hours Of Your Life

12) You’ve Made Coffee Ice Cubes

Flickr: jamieanne
And not just for iced coffee.

13) Without Coffee You Pretty Much Turn Into A Monster


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