You can now grow bhang…legally

You can now grow bhang…legally
Kenya CEO Simon Mwaura displays the finished product of marijuana supplement.

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 Thousands of farmers in Murang’a County (Kenya) are elated because they have another ‘cash crop’ which has been illegal for years, thanks to the government giving greenlight to commercial bhang farming. The pilot project will engage more than 3,000 farmers from the county to produce 1000 kilos of bhang each which translates to nine million kilos per season.

Simon Mwaura the chief executive officer Hyaquip Kenya, says the project seeks to explore the positive side of bhang from being an illegal drug to a vital food supplement. Mwaura said this is now a reality after using an organic compound to remove the caffeine in the plant, leaving it with only minerals such as potassium and calcium which are vital to the body.

“Caffeine is the only thing which causes a chemical reaction in the body leading to bhang addiction but we have found a way of removing it to make the plant fit for consumption,” he said. The supplement can also be used in cooking food or blended into drinks for spicing. Besides containing minerals, the marijuana supplement can also act as alcohol neutralizer and addiction suppressor.

“People who take alcohol can use the supplement to suppress the addiction and remain sober for long,” he added. The CEO who is a biochemist said he had written to National Authority Campaign Against Drug Abuse (Nacada) seeking permission to carry out the project and he has been authorised.

Mwaura said he intends to roll out the project for three years before implementing it in other counties. “There are approximately 5,000 acres currently under bhang plantation in Muranga county alone which is being done illegally,” he said. He said the project will be rolled out with the co-operation of county administrators to help mop out illegal bhang plantations.

Mwaura said the first step would be to contract the farmers currently growing bhang to persuade them to give up illegal bhang growing. He further added that the farmers engaging in commercial bhang farming will be required to obtain a special permit from the county government. Farmers will be required to pay back 10 per cent of their profit to the county government.

The bhang variety Mwaura is advocating is fast maturing ensuring consistent supply of the supplement in the market. Bhang takes 75 days to grow which means a farmer can plant it for five seasons in a year,” says Mwaura. “Kenya is the first country in the world to extract mineral supplement from cannabis sativa. This is good news to the farmers because they can grow bhang on large scale and make good money.

Already, people are curious. They want to see how this project works,” Mwaura says. Farmers are expressing interest to grow this new type of bhang because the returns on the marijuana supplements are slightly higher than when bhang is sold as a drug in the backstreet. 

Some one please tell me I am not crazy for thinking this is crazy…. O-o ???? I don’t even know what to say 


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