Today is not a good day :-(

I have been in sooo much pain and discomfort for the past few weeks but today my back has just been acting up like crazy the pain shot up from a 5-15 leaving my to feel like I’m being cut in half , Standing is a nightmare because everything is so tight so I’m forced to bend. The only position that’s relatively comfortable is kneeling down  with my body forward (the extended puppy pose in yoga terms)  or in watercookie the lifestyle






the fact that I’ve been to theater four times because of this pain makes it worse because I feel like now it should be gone and I really shouldn’t be taking any painkillers (which don’t work coz I’ve been taking them for six years and now my body is used to them) I just feel miserable and headachy (If that’s even a word)  I need a break from all this pain *sigh*



6 thoughts on “Today is not a good day :-(

    • After taking some painkillers I started feeling better so I went to make some dinner, but then an hour later the pain just came back and it’s so intense I was forced to take a double dose of medz just so I can sleep.
      Now Im feeling a lot better but I know it wont last :-(:-(:-(
      Thanks for your concern:-)

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