Please don’t drink and drive !!!

This past Saturday my mother buried one of her closest friends who unfortunately passed in a car accident, the car she was in was hit by a pick-up from the back, the man driving the pick up was drunk and was over-speeding on the highway.

The lady had just come from a weekend get-away with her two sons, her daughter-in-law and grandson, the boy 6 yrs old is still admitted in the hospital recovering. The driver of the pick up was not hurt.

I did not know mum’s friend that well but I had seen her on several family occasions and she was a really nice lady, only 50 yrs old.

There are so many adverts on t.v, and on billboard advising against drunk driving and I will admit I wasn’t paying attention to them because I wasn’t directly affected! But the death of this lady was a huge wake up call to me, just because I do not drink and drive  doesn’t mean that I am safe on the road , someone else who has decided to drink then drive poses a great danger to me and other people on the road not forgetting him/herself.

This woman was a wife, a mother, grandmother, friend, church member, work-mate  a member of society who died just because of someone else’s carelessness!

So right now I am begging PLEASE  DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE !



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