Why is Everyone rushing to get married??!!

Today I attended a wedding committee meeting of a friend of mine who just got engaged last month, I don’t know if everyone does this but all wedding I have attended usually have a wedding committee whose job is to help the bride the bride and groom plan the wedding, it’s also the work of the committee to come up with funding for the wedding. And weddings are expensive!!!!!

Today I was looking at the budget of my friends wedding and I was very surprised, money set aside for food only could pay my rent for a year!!!!. Most of the money is coming from the people who will contribute and also members of the committee, So I was  thinking, I am only 21 I barely have a job, sometimes I wonder what I am going to eat at night, I am just starting out in my life, and on top of all these I have to save up some money to help my friend out.

Funny thing is almost all of the people in this wedding committee are in the same boat I am, including the bride and groom, We are all just starting out!

I am not saying that if you are “my age 21-25” you should not be in a wedding committee or even get married if you have money go ahead and do it, what I am saying is if you are living on a budget I think it’s wiser to wait until your stable enough and the people around you are also “stable” to get married, There is no rush … or if indeed you HAVE to do it, there is always the Attorney General’s office,go sign papers then come and have a reception at home with family and friends. This reminds me of last year I was asked to contribute some money to another friend of mine who was also getting married, I had just finished school, I was living at home and I was broke!, then someone asked “Don’t you remember how she used to help you when you were sick and now you can’t pay back?” and this made me very upset (to this day)I felt like I had to give money and it was their right to take it,  I didn’t even attend the wedding

I am going to finish with this, weddings are a very big deal, it happens once (for the lucky few) in a lifetime, and I think it deserves to be a special,relaxed day. I don’t think there should be worry bout budget and payment or any such thing on this day, and I believe that guests should also feel very relaxed. What I don’t believe is that you have to have a “Kim Kardashian wedding on a homeless guys budget” You can always wait and save up then get married in style, if not go to the AG get your marriage certificate and have the reception at home, in this way you get married and you save money!!


3 thoughts on “Why is Everyone rushing to get married??!!

  1. I agree with you and I think it’s not the popular opinion. Many people want to get married, but sometimes it just feels like they have found their purpose in life – like yes! I have found a person who is willing to endure me for the rest of my life 😕 Sometimes, it is the baby on the way. Sometimes it is just a next step in a relatioship – I don’t even…
    Maybe I talk like this because I don’t plan on getting married any time soon or have kids, and I’m 26. And when I say I don’t plan, I DON’T. I just don’t feel the need nor it is important to me. Actually to be completely honest, I dislike marriage. When I picture myself being married something in my stomach shifts. Am I not “ready”? And when I will be, this money issue won’t be a problem and the doves will be released and all will be good in the world? I don’t know.

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