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Weekly Career Tips: How to keep your Morale UP when you can’t find a job :-?

Looking for work can be brutal. Recruiters receive an estimated 250 resumes for every corporate job opening, and they receive the first one within 200 seconds of the job being posted. With numbers like that, it’s not surprising that finding a job can take months. In fact, the industry rule of thumb is to allow one month for every $10,000 of the salary you want to earn. So, if you want to earn $40,000, you should expect your job search to take about four months. It can be tough to keep your morale up when you feel like you’re never going to find a job, but positivity is critical to your success. No one is going to hire an applicant who seems frustrated or defeated. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to boost your morale: Continue reading

Weekly Career Tips: How to make your Resume ROAR (Results Oriented and Relevant)

When applying for a job, your resume can determine whether hiring managers notice you. Employers can receive 50 to 100 resumes, depending on the position. And with a large response, you only have one opportunity to “wow” the person reading your resume. This can be the difference between an interview and a job applicant rejection letter.

Experienced job seekers know the value of listing a career objective, experience, education and references on a resume. But it isn’t enough to simply type this information on paper. You need to stand out — in other words, you need to make your resume ROAR. Continue reading

Weekly Career Tips: How to find work with no experience

.   No Job Experience

If you have no job experience, you can still get a job until you improve your chances and skills as well as gather enough experience to advance. You can start out with an entry-level job, even though, it might not pay the salary that you are looking for. You have to start out somewhere. If you are going to transition into a new career, you may have to learn new skills. This can be learned on the job also, but again, you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top Continue reading