He gives me everything

he came out of nowhere
any other entrance
would be far too common
and simple
he came in
at the perfect moment,
when I believed
the world was too dark
to shine a little light for me

and when I saw him,
I smiled with my mouth open
to let go of the crickets
I buried in my voice box
so I could say hello

our stories are God written guitar solos
to the keys of our DNA
our twisted thoughts
combine like electric and acoustic
both intruded
for the madness
of inner souls

they way
he looks like there are lingering pieces
of a boombox etched
in the framework of his spine,
speaking volumes

his voice sounds
like an unfinished love song
stuck in my throat
when he kisses me,
it’s the perfect symphony

his eyes pierce
my soul like a cupids arrow
out of control
his smile makes my heart thump
like snare drums
being beat upon during a band march along
I love the way he senses
my weakness in every touch

I have more walls up
than anyone I believe,
I’m more like the odd boulder
on a sandy beach
and he’s the entire ocean,
drawing coastlines
on the chambers of my heart
when it comes to him
my walls crumble

but I’m seeing clearly now
I don’t need to be found
I’m safe right where I am
between his second and fourth rib


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