My story on Sexual Harassment at work

They say the way to success is to climb on the shoulders of those who have already been there.

So when I took this job at a rehabilitation center, I thought it would be a great place to start, I would be able to gain some experience in working with clients and in my profession, experience is the number one requirement. My boss knew my dad, and in fact of people in the institution know who my dad is, so this made my decision to join the institution easy, Little did I know how much I’d regret it.

My naivety to the outstanding issue that surfaces in most work environments ended one afternoon when helping an executive set up a meeting. I noticed the executive giving me ‘the stare down”. I ignored it thinking I was making things up in my head and when the meeting ended I left for home.

The following day I was asked to come in a little bit early for another meeting, I thought it was just a continuation of the meeting from the previous day so I didn’t think anything much about it, I got ready and I left. Where the meeting was supposed to be was in a hotel next to work, when I got there I found the executive drinking coffee waiting for me, ALONE!!, when I asked where the rest of the people were, he said the meeting was just between me and him!

Shocked and scared I didn’t know what to do, considering this is my boss, the waiter came and asked my boss and I what we’d like to eat , he went ahead to order for me his favorite meal from the place. At this point I was so confused I did not know what to say or think, so started talking about work stuff and asking him questions about the institution.

Every question he asked about my personal life, I “counter-asked” (is this even a word)  about work, He asked if I was in a relationship, I said Yes, Five years and still going strong.  Then what he said after, just threw me off, he said and I quote “You know you’re really beautiful, and I like you very much” I am used to guys telling me I’m pretty , but the way he said it was so sexual and intense, just thinking about it makes me want to gag, considering he is old enough to be my dad, and he also knows who my father is.

Someone please explain this to me, why do people in higher ranks in the office, kind of prey on young girls (or guys) who are just starting out and trying to build something for themselves. People in such prominent positions should act as mentors to us but instead they prey on young ones like me and guess who is left to suffer, the executive will remain with his institution and his money and I will be left looking for another job and struggling. 

This is sexual harassment, he’s disrespecting my father, and  he’s disrespecting the fact that I am in a relationship by going ahead to say that he would like to “provide” for me. I do not want to go on a rant about this, and I am just so tired and stressed out, I thought I had found a great place to work, and this saddens me because now I have to find another place of work before I quit :-/



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