Is commitment not important to anyone no more?!!

Being hit on by two married guys with kids in one week is NOT normal???

C’mon what’s going on ??????

And the thing is some of these guys are not shy in telling you “I’m a married guy, I just want to have a fling with you” I was so taken aback and offended when one of the guys told me that, like seriously do I look like a girl who just want to have a fling with a married man!!!!!

Recently, I saw a dating website with a section where sugar daddies/ married men were looking for young girls to be the side chic, and I was so shocked to see this, it left me wondering what’s going on in our relationships?, don’t the vows we make mean anything anymore?? what happened to commitment??

I’m in a relationship with a guy, and in the beginning on our relationship we made vows to each other to be faithful and honest and committed to each other, and four years down the line I do understand that relationships do face a lot of struggle, temptation and sometimes one just wants to step out and see if the grass is greener on the other side, but this isn’t fair to the other person, instead of finding some side piece why don’t you just sit and talk to your partner, or  if your tired of them separate!! Married couples should act as an inspiration, to unmarried couples, I mean how am I supposed to have faith in marriages, when a married guy is here hitting on me, and it’s not just one married guy , it’s two!! and on top of that they have kids… sigh*

I don’t even know what else to say, I’m speechless

PS I am still getting married!!!


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