The Power of Forgiveness

Today at work, we had a group counselling session and the main topic was Forgiveness and forgiving ourselves and forgiving others, And this is something I have struggled with, not being able to forgive others and I’m sure many of us have struggled with the same thing.

My father was an alcoholic and it was very painful to watch how he used to treat my mum and watch my small sister cry because of it, I took it up upon myself to take of my sister and be strong for her. After a while my dad went to rehab and as he was going through the 12 steps of recovery, when he came to ask us for forgiveness I could even imagine forgiving him and letting him back into my life, I had so much hate, it made me bitter and angry all the time. All that anger was killing me inside and one day I read this  quote

Forgive and forget

and I decided to let go of all the hate and anger, and seriously I changed instantly, I felt myself becoming happier, and I loved it. Of course it took time to let go of all the hurt but I finally did it and now my dad and I are inseparable 🙂

Life is too short to hold on to all the hurt and anger and hate !! I don’t know what might have happened to you, but I know if you forgive you do it for yourself and it’s an amazing gift you give to your soul 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. I’ve heard this a lot too, but struggled with my inability to “forgive” abusers. I think I’ve figured out, I just don’t like the word. I connect it to religion which was used by an abuser (while abusing). I totally get what you are saying, and understand the importance of moving beyond our hurts. So now, I’ve just substituted “Let go” and move on. It works for me.(But whatever one can do to heal, it’s good!)

    • it’s difficult to forgive, sometimes I still struggle with it, coz something happens & I remember all the bad stuff…
      I have to constantly remind myself that I am doing this for me 🙂

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