Long Distance Relationship (week 2)

I survived week two without my hubby (say yeeiii), I think I’m getting the hang of this long distance relationship thing. I’ve had one or two difficult days which were brought about by other people giving me their unwanted advice on long distance relationships and how they do not work *sigh  

I know being in a long distance relationship is hard, I do not need a constant reminder,

Learning to love the process





 This is how my relationship is like 

Anyway the last week of August is here, I hope all of you have had a great month, and if you haven’t, you have one last week to change it, do something that will make you better and happier than you were last week!!!

And don’t forget to smile 🙂


5 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship (week 2)

  1. I was engaged to my husband for 2 years, all of which he was going to college in Kansas and I in Louisiana. We had a long-distance relationship for 2 years. It made our relationship stronger and those few times we saw each other during that time was even more special!
    You can do it! 🙂

    • How did you cope with the distance ??
      My hubby is in Europe so he’s really far away and I miss him a lot, it sucks that all of the things we used to do together I now have to do alone and it makes me so sad 😦

      Thank you for your reply though

      • We would try to have video chats every night. If we couldn’t do that, we would at least talk on the phone every night before we went to bed. We sent emails to each other and took pictures of ourselves to send to the other person so they would have recent pics to look at on their cell phones.
        We saw each other every Christmas and in the summers for a couple weeks. Europe is a lot farther than what we had to deal with though! The time zones might make it a little harder with the video chat and phone calls. Good luck! 🙂

      • Oh, and keep busy! The busier you are it will keep your mind off from missing him. I was in my last 2 years of college and planning our wedding at the time, which helped keep me busy. Hang out with your friends and don’t stay home all the time. That’s when the missing like crazy happens!

      • He’ll also be gone for 2yrs 😦 My work keeps me busy during the weekdays. I now dread weekends coz I’m home alone so I’ll definitely have to find something to keep me distracted…

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