Dear Boy,

I had this poem lying around in my old poetry book and I decided to post it today, hope you like it.

Boy who was once a memory of childhood play,

An image, A name. Nothing more than a familiar face lost to an unfamiliar world.

An unfamiliar world in which I found you. Sitting right behind me, I felt your gaze upon me, awkward smiles as my eyes caught dreamy stares.

And we are here , now, together, wrapped so deeply in passion. We unify our souls. Our bodies. We promise to love, to keep, to honor. Continue reading

Don’t grow up, It’s a trap!

It’s kinda crazy how time moves fast, I can’t believe I am this grown (I know I’m only 22), I can’t believe I finished school, I have a job, I have a man, I remember being in high school and wondering if I’ll ever reach this point. Now that I am here I wonder why I was so stressed about it, there’s nothing exciting about this, yeah I get to make my own decisions, I get to go out to parties, fall in love, Continue reading