Dear Boy,

I had this poem lying around in my old poetry book and I decided to post it today, hope you like it.

Boy who was once a memory of childhood play,

An image, A name. Nothing more than a familiar face lost to an unfamiliar world.

An unfamiliar world in which I found you. Sitting right behind me, I felt your gaze upon me, awkward smiles as my eyes caught dreamy stares.

And we are here , now, together, wrapped so deeply in passion. We unify our souls. Our bodies. We promise to love, to keep, to honor.

But we are only children, yet I have grown and how I yearn you. Therefore we are trapped, In our own separate worlds & we ache for one another, wanting presence, intimacy, I can feel your every muscle tighten underneath my fingertips. Fingers running, searching for answers, validation, I never search for love.

Love is in the way I can feel you surround me. In my dreams, in reality. Love is in each expression of passion. Each unification of our bodies, of our souls. Love in the promise, we have spoken and the one I hold in my heart.

Love is in this childhood. This ability to understand purely and innocently. Love is in the way my heart aches for you, the way my soul needs you, the way my body craves you.

Love is in my fingertips, running over your skin, absorbing the concrete in the realm of the abstract.

Love is in the answer, and you answer every question as I wrap my legs around you and beg you not to move. When you lean to kiss my lips and hesitate to pull away, when your taste lingers and I am at peace. As you whisper ” I love you” and my body continues to quiver.

Love is in this moment, when you are above me and I can look into your eyes, 

Through them you fill me, you re-create and reconstruct me, you make me whole 

And only in this moment an I speechless

This is love


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