What I learnt in 2014!

I am so thrilled the year is over, it was a crazy one! I went through so much good and bad and each of those experiences taught me so much that I can proudly say I am a better person now than I was beginning of the year or ever was.

I have known loss and extreme grief, I have cried, screamed , been in extreme pain and have had my heart broken. I have also known joy, and have had moments of pure happiness and bliss. 

I have learnt the art of letting go, forgiving (I’m still working on the forgetting bit), patience, and accepting the things I cannot change. I learnt how much I like being alone and not being afraid to embrace it, I was able to detach myself from meaningless people and get away from destructive conversations… I grew up 

I made peace with myself, and I feel more connected to God. I am honestly and genuinely excited to see where 2015 takes me, I am ready to have an amazing year.

Fill your pages with joy & innovation. | #paradigmshift | via, a life lived well


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